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The Hotel Due Palme is located in Albisano, in the municipality of Torri del Benaco. The small village is a veritable terrace on Lake Garda. From here you can gaze at the azure waters of the largest lake in Italy. Let's know better the charming little town of Albisano, surrounded by olive trees and overlooking the Garda.

Albisano: a breathtaking view on Lake Garda

The town of Albisano is located at 300 meters above the sea level. Height sufficient to provide a breathtaking views of Lake Garda. From this panoramic position you can overlook the lake. The beauty of the waters of the Benaco, ancient name of the Garda, is amplified by the sight that offers the small hamlet of Torri. From the balconies of theHotel Due Palme you can enjoy the same magnificent view. A good book, a cup of coffee and a breathtaking view of Lake Garda. Of all this you can enjoy staying at theHotel Due Palme in Albisano. In addition to the lake, Albisano overlooks the town of Torri del Benaco, one of the most fascinating areas of the Garda.

Albisano: a village to be discovered

Several and interesting are the areas of Albisano. Sorti is so named because in Roman times was assigned due to the "luck" to war veterans. Loncrino takes its name from "Ronchlin" and "Ronchi", terms that indicate the deforested lands. Campiano, after the eighteenth century, ,was abandoned due to a plague, but now it is inhabited again. With the location in the past was a fortified village. Brè, instead, is a cultivated area, not wooded. Then there are Bradino, Sevino and the Valmagra. Each village is characterized by a thick vegetation and by olive cultivation. On the shores of Lake Garda, olive trees abound, as well as the production of olive oil. The town of Albisano combines the beauty of Lake Garda to the landscapes of the countryside; all just a few steps away from the chain of Mount Baldo. You can discover the districts of Albisano through many trails, as one of the petroglyphs. This route starts from the street Gardesana of Torri and leads up to the foothills of Albisano. It is a route that combines natural beauty with historical and archaeological finds.

Albisano: the church of San Martino

Centerpiece of the resort is the Albisano Church of San Martino, dating back to the Middle Ages. The small parish is situated in a panoramic position, from which you can enjoy views of the immense Lake Garda. The church square is a real terrace overlooking the Benaco. In the shade of the trees, sitting on the many benches, you can admire the blue waters of the lake. A postcard picture is offered to the eye of the observer. For the curious people, there is a powerful binoculars that allows you to look closely at the other side of the lake, or the countries below Albisano, Torri del Benaco and Garda. During the hot summer days, the square of the church, Albisano and the Hotel Due Palme offer a cool and pleasant shelter from the sun and heat: a regenerating breath of fresh air.