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They are spreading in Italy the bike hotels and also the Due Palme it is perfect to accommodate Cyclists. But what should have hotel for cyclists? Because it differs from the other hotels? Let's discover the bike hotels and their characteristics.

Bike Hotels: what are they

In recent years, it is spreading a new form of tourism, the so-called bike tourism. With the increase of tourists bicycle enthusiasts, many hotels have decided to offer to these customers special treatments. Thus was born the concept of bike hotels. They are hotels equipped to accomodate the bicycles and their owners. This is the basic service, but in reality these bike hotels offer much more. At theHotel 2 Palme bikers are welcome and, indeed, we often host Cyclists. The town of Albisano is full of footpaths, perfect for cyclists daredevils, but also for the quiet ones. In conclusion, every rider can find here the path they prefer. Someone prefers to do downhill on the road leading from Albisano to Torri, but there are also those who enjoy a quiet ride up to Garda, continuing the path on the banks of Lake Garda.

Bike hotels: the requirements

All hotels can be defined as bike hotels? Of course not, there are minimum requirements to be met. The first one, required by all organizations and portals of bike tourism, is to offer to customers a safe and covered place for storing their bikes. A shed, a garage, a hall, it does not matter, but the place should be lockable. In addition to this basic requirement, the hotels for cyclists should also offer a small workshop, or at least a Repair kits for bicycles. For example, it is useful to allow the customer to inflate the wheels and make minor repairs. For the most delicate operations, it is important to be able to show the rider how to reach a real repair shop, not too far from the hotel. And here is another requirement greatly appreciated, namely, thecustomer service to satisfy the demands of cyclists. These needs are, eg, being able to make a Power Breakfast, suited to the physical demands of cycling. Another service very appreciated is to provide maps and other information on cycling routes in the area.

Hotels for cyclists: what they offer more

But why choose a hotel friend of the bicycle? The answer is simple: traveling by bike is not as comfortable as the move by other transports, therefore it is useful to find a place that is able to accommodate both the rider that his bicycle. Being able to store the bike in a safe place at night, the possibility of making minor repairs, the opportunity to cross paths suitable without having to move too far, are all services that large improve the journey of the bike tourist. The Hotel 2 Palme is gearing up just to offer the best experience to cyclists staying here at Albisano. Being bike hotels means come satisfy special customers, who deserve the best possible service.