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The Due Palme is a hotel in Torri del Benaco, more precisely, it is located in Albisano, a small village in a panoramic position. But why is it so great to stay here? What does the town offer? What is its story? Come together to discover the beauty and the history of Torri del Benaco.

Hotels in Torri del Benaco: why stay here

Staying in a hotel in Torri del Benaco, in particular in Albisano, it is an experience not to be missed. Overlooking the lake, The small town is a Pearl of Lake Garda. Compared to other lakeside towns, Torri del Benaco is preserved more natural, maintaining its ancient atmosphere and charming. Symbol of the ancient taste of the resort is definitely the Scaliger Castle of Torri del Benaco. Now the building holds an ethnographic museum about the activities of Lake Garda, such as fishing or olive cultivation. In addition, in the castle there is a greenhouse of citrus, dating back to the 1760. The first traces of the fortress date back to Roman times, but most of the building was erected, most likely, in the tenth century, under the reign of Berengar of Friuli. Brief history aside, stay in a hotel in Torri del Benaco, as the Due Palme, it really is a fairytale experience for a number of reasons. First, it is a short walk from Lake Garda. And then, a few miles away, you can find the towering peaks of Mount Baldo, the beautiful mountain range overlooking the Benaco. If, instead, you prefer to go shopping or a cultural visit, driving a few tens of kilometers by car or bus, you get to the city of Verona.

Torri del Benaco: history

It is not surprising that Torri del Benaco is so fascinating. Its origin, indeed, is ancient. Some archaeological excavations, made in 1978, have unearthed artifacts dating to Bronze Age. Other discoveries have attested to the presence in the territory of stilts. Therefore, it seems that the location was already inhabited 4000 years ago. Over the millennia, Torri has done nothing that beautify and collect evidence of his domination, from the Roman to the Scala one, passing through Goths and Lombards. Like whole Veneto, Torri fell into Austrian hands and in 1797, landed here the Napoleon's army. A few years later, came the echo of the gestures of Garibaldi, but Torri del Benaco became part of the newborn Kingdom of Italy only in 1866, along with Veneto. During the third war of independence, Austria was forced to cede Lombardy and Veneto to Italy, so the Lake Garda became Italian territory too.

Torri del Benaco: a village surrounded by nature

In addition to the history and beauty of the Lake Garda, the hotels in Torri del Benaco are also surrounded by lush green vegetation. Wherever arise olive trees, which you can find in abundance in the garden of theHotel 2 Palme. Shrubs and colorful flowers decorate the entire resort, both in the hilly area and on the lakefront. In addition to the green of the trees, on Pai, another village of Torri, there is the Cave Tanella. Hidden in the woods, This cave is open.