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Olive Oil Garda

The Lake Garda is known throughout the world for its magnificent olive trees. At theHotel Due Palme we have many olive trees, typical of our area. Let's know better theolive oil of Lake Garda, this precious product appreciated by all tourists who come to visit our beautiful resort.

Oil Garda D.O.P.

The Olio del Garda is an extra virgin DOP, ie a protected designation of origin. The oil from which we get this oil is the Casaliva, a native species of the lake. The other varieties from which come theextra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda are the Rossanel, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Frantoio and Leccino. There are three geographical names of this oil: the Bresciano, the Orientale and the Trentino. Here on the bank of Verona is produced theOlio del Garda Orientale. The olive trees for Garda oil are positioned at the most northerly of the world. Our lake, indeed, is located in a position such as to have a Mediterranean climate, despite the high latitude.

The nutritional value of oil Garda

The taste of theolive oil of Lake Garda is delicate and is called a light fruity; nevertheless, the taste is rewarding and persistent. Numerous studies have shown that theextra virgin olive oil is rich in natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E and polyphenols. This makes the Garda oil an important ally of the health. Some nutritionists recommend drinking a tablespoon of extra virgin every morning fasting to get the necessary dose of energy to face the day. Anyhow, consume with regularity and moderation theextra virgin oil of Garda helps keep your body healthy, thanks also to the oleic acid.

Extra virgin oil Garda: where to buy

The producers of Olio del Garda DOP gathered in a consortium that ensures the quality of the product. You can buy the extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda in one of the many mills in the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Trento. For example, on Torri del Benaco, on the road to Albisano, where is our hotel, there is the farm Ca' Rainene, which produces and sells the 'Olio del Garda Orientale DOP. On the website of consortium Olio Garda Dop, you can find all the producers of the territory.