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Us ofHotel Due Palme we love accommodate cyclists who visit Lake Garda riding bikes or mountain bikes. Our area is rich in cycle paths, suitable for different levels of experience. Dear friends cyclists, come with us to discover the MTB trails of Monte Baldo. Each trail shares a crucial detail: the amazing view of the Lake Garda.

MTB trails of Lake Garda

Before seeing in detail the Mountain Bike trails of Monte Baldo, we want to talk about the MTB trails of Lake Garda in general. For example, our own Albisano is the destination of cyclists daredevils. Here you can practice Downhill, a cycling discipline totally descending and on routes with natural and artificial obstacles. Starting from Albisano, you can practice Downhill along the paths that lead to Garda or to Torri del Benaco. The hills of Lake Garda are perfect for Mountain Bike. The paths are many and varied.

Mountain Biking the Mount Baldo

Therefore, the Mount Baldo is a perfect destination for lovers of Mountain Bike. One of the most popular is the one that starts from the town of Caprino Veronese. The ride is quite long, but very charming. Moving from Novezza, Novezzina, Pra Alpesina, Bocca Navene, Brentwood, Mori and Loppio, you climb higher and higher towards the peaks of Mount Baldo. The higher up, the view becomes more breathtaking. On return, cross the step Passo Giovanni and go down to the lake.

Punta Veleno: the challenge of Mount Baldo

As mentioned, there are many routes with varying degrees of difficulty on Mount Baldo. One of the more strenuous trails is the one that leads to Punta Veleno. The starting point is the village of Assenza, in the town of Brenzone. The arduous journey continues towards Castello and ends at Prada Alta, another name for Punta Veleno. Arrival is at a height of 1120 meters, so the difference is remarkable, since the starting point is the lake. The descent is much less tiring, but definitely more dangerous, so you should be careful. As fascinating both, to make this path it really takes breath.

From Garda to San Zeno in MTB

Another route traveled by Mountain Bike joins Garda with San Zeno di Montagna, through our Albisano. You start from Garda and you reach Albisano; here you take the path of Crero arriving in San Zeno. On return, you take the road that passes through from Castion and leads to Rocca di Garda. Finally, you come down to Bardolino and you return to Garda through the quiet path along the Lake Garda.