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Our hotel is located in the province of Verona, city ​​famous for the story told by William Shakespeare about two star-crossed lovers. The two young lovers are Romeo and Juliet, whose stories are known throughout the world. In Verona there are still places that belonged to two families protagonists of Shakespearean tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet: the plot

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by the English playwright William Shakespeare between 1594 and the 1596. The sad story is set in Verona and tells of the love between two young people from two families opponents, the Montecchi and the Capuleti. The two fall in love before discovering their family memberships. The most famous scene of the tragedy takes place at Juliet's balcony, while Romeo declares his love from the bottom. Here they decide to secretly marry. After the wedding, Romeo is challenged to a duel by Tebaldo, Juliet's cousin; to accept the challenge, however, is Mercutio, friend of Romeo. Tybalt hurts to death Mercutio and Romeo kills him to avenge his friend. After the assassination, Romeo is exiled, while the family of Juliet arranges her marriage to Paride, suitor accepted by the Capulet. Before the news of the marriage with Paris, Romeo and Juliet spend a single night together, before the boy leaves for Mantova.

Desperate Juliet asks for help to Brother Lorenzo who devises a plan to blow up the wedding and bring together the two lovers. In this way, Juliet drinks a potion that will make her appear dead for a few hours; she is buried in the family tomb, while a messenger is sent to Mantova to inform Romeo of the plan. But, Mantova is in quarantine for the plague and the message of Friar Lawrence does not arrive in time to the young man, which is notified of death of Juliet by the servant Baldassare, unaware of fiction devised by brother. Romeo, then, procures arsenic and runs to Verona to take his own life at his beloved. In the crypt, the boy meets Paris and kills him; while the servant of Paris runs to call the guards, Romeo looks for the last time Juliet and commits suicide with arsenic. The girl wakes up, chases awat Friar Lawrence, who had just arrived in the crypt, and kill herself with Romeo's dagger.


Romeo and Juliet in Verona

In the plot of Romeo and Juliet appear some of the most important places of Verona, as Juliet's house. However, the city is home to many other places belonging to the Capuleti and Montecchi. Near Piazza dei Signori, eg, there is the Romeo's house, a medieval building belonged to the real family Montecchi. Not far from Piazza Bra, instead, rises Juliet's grave, in which many couples get married today.

The House of Juliet in Verona

The most famous and visited place is the Juliet's House with the famous balcony. This medieval building, placed in a court, presents the family crest of the Capuleti, originally from Brescia but present in Verona between the 1200 and the 1300. The real name of this family was Cappelletti and owned a house in Via Cappello, right in the center of Verona. The house can be visited and you can go also in the famous balcony. In the court, instead, there is a statue of Juliet. The courtyard, at last, hosts written messages of many lovers who visit Verona, the city of love.