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It might seem a strange topic, but the water temperature of Lake Garda is instead a very important factor and also quite debated by swimmers. Indeed, the lake waters are considered cold by those accustomed to wallow in the sea. Despite this, swimming in Lake Garda is still an experience not to be missed.

Temperature of Lake Garda

The water temperature of Lake Garda undergoes strong variations during the year, while its level is always fairly constant. The average temperature of the surface is 12 degrees, while at 100 meters of depth, the degrees are 8. However, between the summer and winter, the temperature of Lake Garda varies greatly. In the cold months can be up to 6 degrees, while in summer, you can record 27 degrees, at least in the surface.

The Alto Garda and the Basso Garda

So far we have talked about the average temperature, but the Lake Garda does not have the same temperature at every point. Indeed, the area of ​​the High Garda, there where the lake narrows, has lower temperatures, since the entire area is colder than the others. The temperature difference is about 3 degrees. The Weather on Lake Garda varies greatly from place to place. In the high Garda, that is in the territories of Malcesine, Riva and Limone, pull even strong winds, perfect for windsurfing.

Swimming in Lake Garda

But why the water temperature of Lake Garda is so important? Why in the lake tourists and residents love to bathe! Some people consider the lake waters are too cold, but in reality is only an initial feeling. After a few minutes of movement, water appears warmer and swimming in Lake Garda becomes pleasant. The real inhabitants of Lake Garda, those who have learned to swim in these waters, have no problems to bathe in the cold waves of Benaco. In the summer, then, there is nothing better than a refreshing dip in the lake.