Easter at Lake Garda 2015: what to do and where to go

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Do you want to spend the Easter at Lake Garda? The’Hotel Due Palme reopens on the occasion of the Easter holiday and so we offer you the opportunity to celebrate the Easter 2015 in a perfect location: the Lake Garda! Here's what to do and where to go in the days of Easter and Easter Monday. What you are waiting for to book your stay?

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Romeo and Juliet: the story of the lovers of Verona

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Our hotel is located in the province of Verona, city ​​famous for the story told by William Shakespeare about two star-crossed lovers. The two young lovers are Romeo and Juliet, whose stories are known throughout the world. In Verona there are still places that belonged to two families protagonists of Shakespearean tragedy.

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The water temperature of Lake Garda

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It might seem a strange topic, but the water temperature of Lake Garda is instead a very important factor and also quite debated by swimmers. Indeed, the lake waters are considered cold by those accustomed to wallow in the sea. Despite this, swimming in Lake Garda is still an experience not to be missed.

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Valentine's Day at Lake Garda: the most romantic places

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Really worth celebrating Valentine's Day at Lake Garda. Our area offers many romantic places to visit during the feast of love. From Albisano and Punta San Vigilio to Malcesine, here are the most beautiful and romantic places to spend the Valentine'S Day, while dining by candlelight in a restaurant overlooking the lake.
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The olive oil of Lake Garda

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Olive Oil Garda

The Lake Garda is known throughout the world for its magnificent olive trees. At theHotel Due Palme we have many olive trees, typical of our area. Let's know better theolive oil of Lake Garda, this precious product appreciated by all tourists who come to visit our beautiful resort.
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MTB trails of Monte Baldo

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Us ofHotel Due Palme we love accommodate cyclists who visit Lake Garda riding bikes or mountain bikes. Our area is rich in cycle paths, suitable for different levels of experience. Dear friends cyclists, come with us to discover the MTB trails of Monte Baldo. Each trail shares a crucial detail: the amazing view of the Lake Garda.

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Banquets of Saint Lucia: a tradition of Verona

By / 11th December, 2014 / Free time / Off


Every year, in the days before the 13 December, the historic center of Verona is colored with stalls. That's the Banquets of Saint Lucia, which attract thousands of visitors. But who was Saint Lucia? Where this tradition comes from? Here is the story of the saint who brings gifts to children.
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Christmas Markets of Lake Garda

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The home of Italian Christmas markets is the Trentino Alto Adige, but this tradition is spreading to other areas. Even our lake has not been able to resist their charms made of Christmas decorations and delicious scents. Let's see together which are the Christmas Markets of Lake Garda.

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Holiday on Lake Garda: ideas and suggestions

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Are you planning to spend the holidays on Lake Garda? Then, you are in the right place! The Hotel Due Palme is a perfect place to spend the summer and spring holidays , but not only for his personal characteristics, but also for its location. Let's see what to do during a holiday on Lake Garda.
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Halloween at Lake Garda: how to have fun on the witches night

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The Hotel 2 Palme is ready to take on the scariest night of the year with of sweets and candies. If you are on Lake Garda, there are several events and parties to attend, suitable for both children and adults. Thus, take your masks and be brave: here's how to celebrate Halloween at Lake Garda.

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